South Florida Free Beaches


South Florida Free Beaches


Capri Paddle Craft Park
1295 Capri Boulevard, Naples, FL 34113


Nov 22 2020


8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Nude Kayaking/Paddleboarding

Capri Paddle Craft Park near Marco Island

Launch Fee at the Park of $4.00 or rent:
Kayak Rental – $50.00 for a single for 4 hours includes deliver and pickup
$10.00 extra for a tandem
Call to reserve: Rising Tide Explorers at 239-734-3231 or
Paddleboard Rentals may be available (limited quantities!).
Edun Lakes Grounds fees – $40/couple, $20 single ladies, $35 single men

Anticipate that we’ll be gone for about 4 hours. It’s a nice, easy, 40 minutes paddle between the mangrove islands out to a sand bar. We’ll spend some time there, hang out, skinny dip, have a few drinks and snacks, and then enjoy a nice paddle back. We usually see dolphins or manatees along the way and are unlikely to encounter any other humans after the first few minutes. After the kayak, we can all head to Edun Lake for a naked pool party. It’s about 30 minutes pretty much straight north on 951, then right for a couple minutes on Immokalee Road. ( They will be having a pot luck lunch in case you want to bring something to share.

The event is finished.